Завершился второй день XVII Международного Форума и Выставки «Транспорт России»

The second day of the 17th International Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia” is over

Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor is hosting a key event for the entire transportation industry, the Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”.

The second day of the event, November 15, started with a working breakfast titled Implementing Logistics Center Projects Using Public-Private Partnership Principles in the Zabaykalsky Krai. The members were set to figure out how the lessons learned in the region could be used for developing the logistics infrastructure as a whole, what factors make the Zabaykalsky Krai attractive in terms of logistics, and what prospects there are for developing near-border infrastructure for the Belt and Road Initiative.

The program continued with a round table titled Developing the Logistics Infrastructure and Logistics Services on the Roads of Eurasian Transport Corridors, which raised topical issues about developing rail-based container movements across the Eurasian space, providing digital and logistical solutions for developing multi-modal transportation, creating a national digital transportation and logistics platform in Russia, and synergizing activities across the manufacturing domain, financial and banking domain, and transportation and logistics domain to come up with sustainable solutions in the face of transformations occurring in international economic links.

A pivotal event of the second day, and of the entire International Forum, was a plenary discussion titled Russia 2035: on the Way to New Transport Economics, where high-ranking representatives of public authorities and top managers of some of the industry’s largest businesses were talking about how to ensure that, in a new polycentric world, the growth strategy launched for the transportation industry remains stable and the industry itself maintains its technological sovereignty, breaks out of its import dependence, and develops steadily. The discussion involved Mikhail Mishustin, Chairperson of the Government of the Russian Federation. Before joining, he presented government awards to representatives of the transportation industry and did a walk-round inspection of the Exhibition.

While visiting the exhibit booth run by Rosmorport (FSUE), Mr. Mishustin had a video-conference with the Onega Shipyard and took part in a keel laying ceremony for a shallow-draft ice-breaker. The Chairperson of the Government also reviewed projects presented by Russian Railways, Rosgranstroy (FGKU), State Air Traffic Management Corporation of the Russian Federation (FSUE), Digital Transport and Logistics Association, and the Russian University of Transport.

Other booths also witnessed many important events. So, for example, the booth run by Rostransmodernizatsiya (FKU) hosted an opening ceremony celebrating the completion of alterations done to the runways in the Talagi Airport in Arkhangelsk and in the Chersky Airport in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The ceremony was attended by Marat Khusnullin, Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Mr. Khusnullin also visited a ceremony where members of the team of the project titled Safe and High-Quality Roads were presented with commemorative diplomas and symbolic figures in the form of paving compactors, and another ceremony where two postage stamps belonging to the Architectural Developments series were canceled in commemoration of the bridge across the Moscow Canal and the Composer Rakhmaninov Bridge. Both ceremonies took place on the premises of Transport of Russia.

On November 15, Andrey Belousov, First Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the Russian Federation, and Vitaly Savelyev, Minister of Transport, joined each other for a walk-round inspection of the Exhibition grounds.

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