Итоги XVII Международного Форума и Выставки «Транспорт России»

Results of the 17th Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia”

On November 14–16, Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor hosted a Forum and Exhibition “Transport of Russia” as part of the Transport Week. The Forum was a high-impact event providing a traditional venue for discussing key development issues for all modes of transport in Russia, and the Exhibition showcased major achievements made in the industry over the past year

This year’s pivotal subject was formulated as Russia 2035: on the Way to New Transport Economics. The business activities that were held during the 3 days took on 22 formats and involved over 3,700 persons. More than 327 speakers gave their presentations on topical issues relevant for the industry. 36 cooperation and coordination agreements were signed on the sidelines of the event, and its proceedings were covered by 710 journalists from 244 media outlets. All open business sessions could be followed online.

Leading companies in the transportation sector demonstrated their latest developments at the Exhibition. This year, the Exhibition involved 87 exhibitors running their booths across a total space of 3,900 sq. m. Visiting the Gostiny Dvor were delegations from 70 regions of Russia, 17 of which were led by the heads of the respective constituent entities of the country.

The business program of the International Forum featured industry-relevant agenda items: creating optimal conditions for implementing major transport-related and infrastructure-related projects, successfully competing in the global marketplace, making the transportation sector attractive for investors, educating transportation professionals, etc., etc. This year, the Forum opened with a plenary discussion titled 100 Years of Civil Aviation. Looking into the Future by Rethinking the Past. The members discussed what Russia’s modern civil aviation is all about, whether complete import substitution is feasible in the industry, what state-of-the-art solutions can help improve customer experience, and what projects are available to shape the future of civil aviation.

A round table discussion titled Road Transportation by Public Passenger Vehicles: Global Development Trends studied best practices in transportation planning, matters related to the carriage of goods and passengers (including operations performed between countries and within donee regions), and improvement of passenger vehicles. The program continued with a plenary session titled Data on Board Vehicles: from Corporate Projects to a National Platform. It raised points about integrating industry-specific data from various public and corporate sources, regulating the possession and use of data at the national level and at the industry level, and developing digital logistics services as well as federal-level transportation and logistics platforms.

On the first day, the members also talked about the power industry and transportation infrastructure, the key trends in research and engineering for the road economy, and the development of international transportation corridors. Held on the Forum’s sidelines was an award presentation ceremony for winners of the 10th National Award for Achievements in the Fields of Transportation Industry and Transportation Infrastructure titled Formula of Movement. The winners of this year, the 10th in the Award’s history, were 10 projects nominated under 8 categories.

The second day of the event started with a working breakfast hosted by Gazprombank and titled Implementing Logistics Center Projects Using Public-Private Partnership Principles in the Zabaykalsky Krai. The members were set to figure out how the lessons learned in the region could be used for developing the logistics infrastructure as a whole, what factors make the Zabaykalsky Krai attractive in terms of logistics, and what prospects there are for developing near-border infrastructure for the Belt and Road Initiative.

On the second day, the event switched to its key format, a plenary discussion titled Russia 2035: on the Way to New Transport Economics. The panel members were set to work out how to ensure that, in a new polycentric world, the growth strategy launched for the transportation industry remains stable and the industry itself maintains its technological sovereignty, breaks out of its import dependence, and develops steadily.

An important part of the program was a walk-round inspection of the Exhibition by Mikhail Mishustin, Chairperson of the Government, in which he reviewed the key booths featured at Transport of Russia. While at the booth run by Rosmorport (FSUE), Mr. Mishustin had a video-conference with the Onega Shipyard and took part in a keel laying ceremony for a shallow-draft ice-breaker. From the booth run by the Federal Road Agency, he made video calls to launch traffic on highways in Tatarstan, Dagestan, the Sverdlovsk Oblast, and the Murmansk Oblast (to celebrate the completion of alterations done to them) and on new sections of M-12 Highway going through Chuvashia and Tatarstan. After the inspection, the Chairperson of the Government held a ceremony in which he presented government awards to employees of the transportation sector.

Talks that went on during the third and final day covered the development of science in the country, the prospects faced by the industry in terms of reaching technological sovereignty, as well as ways to use inland waterways to carry passengers and to maintain transportation security. The eventful business program closed with an international plenary discussion titled Increasing the Stability and Security of Global Transportation Links, which raised issues about integrating national transportation infrastructures, expanding target markets, and ensuring barrier-free movements of goods and passengers.

The proceedings of the Forum and Exhibition were summarized by representatives of the Ministry of Transport. They articulated the objectives to be met by the transportation complex over the coming year while focusing on matters which, according to relevant market players, had high priority and called for support from executive authorities and industry associations.

For further information, please contact the Transport Week Press Office at media@leadercongress.ru